As a career advisor at Unigrad College, the biggest part of my job is engaging with future students and answering questions. It’s alarming to see how many school leavers seem to be embarrassed by the fact they that they are not sure what career path to choose once they have completed Matric.

The importance of asking the right questions and choosing a tertiary institute that will suit your education needs is vital to your future career success. This is why being a Unigrad College student will benefit you immensely.

Overnight, South Africa and the world has become a completely different place. The reality of COVID-19 hit home with a 21 day lockdown.  The harsh truth is that our economy has taken an even harder knock, squeezing the current job market. This will be a  major concern for any future school leaver.  To get around this, career choices need to be based on making a difference, rather than having to choose a career on the expectation of needing to find a job. A strong tertiary education in an struggling economy is more important than ever before.

By Pieter Nel - Unigrad College Career and Study Advisor

The world of modern technology is forever changing; in fact it is moving forward at such a rapid pace, if you blink you might just miss it. We are all living in a society of social networking. The world is all about like, dislike, application downloads, accept as friend, emails, texts, blogs, tweets and WhatsApp. Like it or not, technology is on the up. However, is this information overload affecting its users?

Do you want to be as famous as a Kardashian, have millions of followers and influence others through your experiences?  Perhaps you want to earn money from it.  This is possible in today’s social media territory.  Word of caution, there is no guarantee of success, but you can try. 

1. Who are you?

Decide on what image you want the world to see and stick to it.  It is easier to be authentic and yourself.  Don’t copy others.  You are unique, use it to your advantage.

2. Snap those photos

I have been in private education for 20+ years.  I have noticed many companies approaching recruitment of staff a bit differently to a few years ago.  They are becoming a lot more prudent and practical when hiring staff.  It is not just a matter of having to fill a vacant position.  The company needs to ensure that they employ staff who is “fit for purpose”.

Here are 5 things employers may consider before saying yes to an applicant…..

1. Your CV

It is not easy to decide on what or where you want to be in the future, especially if that future is still another 30+ years of your life.  When you choose a course it is obvious that you want what is best for you.

The chances are that vocational knowledge and skills learnt while studying a diploma may help you achieve your goals effectively.