Pieter Nel – Unigrad College Career Advisor

Overnight, South Africa and the world has become a completely different place. The reality of COVID-19 hit home with a 21 day lockdown. The harsh truth is that our economy has taken an even harder knock, squeezing the current job market. This will be a major concern for any future school leaver. To get around this, career choices need to be based on making a difference, rather than having to choose a career on the expectation of needing to find a job. A strong tertiary education in an struggling economy is more important than ever before. What South Africa needs are entrepreneurs, self-start ups and a younger generation willing to make a change for the better and help grow and strengthen our economy. Career development in the business, financial, tourism and the creative sector can only be done through the determination an success of empowering others.

With a strong philosophy on educating, empowering and enriching our students, Unigrad College can offer you the start you need to make a difference. Our courses are accredited national qualifications, offered in a face to face learning environment. Fees include all textbooks, exams and certification; this in turns allows you to focus on your studies. Our Unigrad job readiness program will provide you with knowledge needed to set your future in motion. Applications to study at Unigrad College are free and you only need a GR 12 certificate, no subject or level requirements. You can even apply with your first term Gr 12 results. Registrations for 2021 are already open!

Don’t let sitting at home distract you from what is important. During this lockdown period think of what career you can choose to make difference. So let’s chat, send us a WhatsApp on 076 069 1993 and talk to Pieter.

Stay Safe