Part-Time Short Learning Programme CertificateGraphic Design FundamentalsMonday & Wednesday evening classes start 5 August 2024

About this programme
Graphic design is a creative process undertaken to convey a specific message.  As a graphic designer you will use various methods to construct and combine words, symbols and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages.  This practical Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Graphic Design Fundamentals will equip you with skills required for an entry level position in the field of graphic design.   Students will be exposed to various design programmes and learn the fundamental principles of graphic design.

Lectures are presented in a fully equipped graphic design computer studio.  You will spend the entire duration of the course at your own computer and receive expert and personal attention from our highly skilled facilitators.

Programme outline
The following topics will be covered in the programme:

Principles of Graphic Design

A look into the background of design will give you a clear focus of where you’re heading in this programme. It will set the foundation for the concept behind the design work.

Conceptualization and Creative Brainstorming

Generation Ideas and Problem Solving is an essential skill in the design environment. You will be taught various methods of how to creatively brainstorm and develop an idea to be used as final concept.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is the leading graphic editing software. It is used to edit different kinds of images like pictures and photographs with emphasis on photo manipulation and colour corrections. With Photoshop you can design real and virtual compositions. You will be able to use the various tools to compile projects such as the front cover of a magazine.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is used to create images that are small in file size, but can be resized to any dimension while still maintaining print quality. Illustrator is mainly used for logo designs, business cards, illustrations and large scale advertising and signage. You will be able to use the various tools to compile and create a logo.

Admission requirements

Open admission as long as you have knowledge, comprehension and application of the English language at Grade 10 or equivalent.  Basic computer knowledge and mouse-skills are essential.  Must be 16 or older.

How will I be certified on completion of this programme?

On successful completion of the programme you will be awarded a Unigrad Short Learning Programme Certificate in Graphic Design Fundamentals.

Programme duration 

Monday and Wednesday evenings (17:30 – 19:30) for a period of 9 weeks

Programme fee

Contact Unigrad and speak to any student career consultant for course fee information.

Are there any additional costs?

No.  Prescribed course material and final assessment fees are included.

Starting date

Refer to the part-time course date and fee schedule for specific course / programme starting dates.

What is a Short Learning Programme?

The modern business world demands a vast variety of skills and abilities.  Unigrad offers an extensive range of short learning programmes particularly designed to address these demands by enhancing the quality of skills and knowledge available to the workplace.  These short learning programmes are typically aimed at working adults, or those seeking employment and whilst they are not full qualifications, such as those appearing on the NQF and registered with SAQA, their benefit lies in their rapid and significant improvement to skill and knowledge levels of the student.  This makes short learning programmes ideal for people who need to upgrade their CV’s, but do not have the time or finances to engage in a lengthy course of study.