How do you spot a Unigrad graduate?  They’re the career focussed boffins with the latest hands-on knowledge and experience, clearly a cut above the rest.  They’re focused achievers who know where they’re going and how to get there.

The Unigrad team’s combined experience in education amounts to more than 150 years, with many of us having worked together since 1996.  We have developed a reputation for uncompromising standards in education and we align ourselves only with institutes of good repute.  Courses are delivered by lecturers who are appointed for their qualifications, experience and commitment to excellence, thereby ensuring you the best level of training available.

Unigrad offers a great campus experience.  We are situated in the business district of Nelspruit and are within walking distance of various restaurants, banks, medical facilities, shops and residential areas.  Our campus facilities comprise comfortable air conditioned lecture rooms and computer studios, free internet access for students to complete projects, a dedicated workshop for technical courses, a fully equipped art and drawing room for the media courses and a fully equipped sound studio.  We also believe that personal attention equips the student with the best possible means for success and, one way of ensuring this, is to limit our class size to an average of 20 students.  Our outdoor area and tuck shop, which has a big screen TV, provide students with the space in which to relax and enjoy student life during breaks.  Dedicated parking areas are available.

Award Winner

We have proven ourselves time and time again. Unigrad has received the award, No.1 Tertiary Institution in Mbombela (Nelspruit) for 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Student Support

Time spent at Unigrad is intended to add to personal growth and development.  Students are offered a network of support services to facilitate their academic performance.

Student Social Events

Student events such as the annual Mr & Ms Unigrad, Pool and Foosball competitions, a multi-media expos, potjiekos competitions, adventure days, fundraising, student camps and many, many more, form part of the great student life at Unigrad.

Experiential Learning and Prac’s

Many of the courses involve practicals whereby students are exposed to the industry in the field of their studies. Fieldtrips and industry visits also form part of the learning experience at Unigrad. We aim to give students the necessary theoretical knowledge and also to provide them with the practical know how to do the job. Unigrad keeps courses relevant to market needs and, because of this, our students are extremely marketable.

Career Guidance

Unigrad offers free career guidance including a free Career Profile Assessment.  Current students have ongoing access to career guidance from career and study experts.

Application and Registration Process

At Unigrad we take the student’s future to heart; therefore the application process includes a free interview with a professional career and study adviser.  In this interview a complete analysis will be done and results given so that decision making can take place with all possible information, making career choice easier and more accurate.  In this interview the adviser will also assist with the registration process and getting the student ready for enrolment. 

Course Fees

The advisor will explain the full-time fee schedule, payment options and all costs in detail in the interview.  

What does Full-time Study mean?

Students study for a period of one or two years depending on the course. Class timetables are similar to those at universities. Students attend classes during the week, Monday to Friday. Where possible, classes start in the morning and run into the early afternoon. The rest of the day is open for students to do research, work on projects or find part-time employment.

UNIGRADGetting the Qualification that gets you Working!

Is a well established institution with qualified lecturers, giving you peace of mind.
Is favourably located for easy access to shops, restaurants, medical and other facilities.
Offers personal attention with small classes and comfortable air-conditioned rooms.
Offers a great social life and relaxation facilities.
Provides student support and personal growth throughout your course of study.
Equips you with theoretical and practical market-related knowledge and experience.
Provides an assisted and easy registration process.
Maintains uncompromising standards in education.
Provides on-campus research facilities, a fully equipped workshop, art rooms and a modern sound recording studio.
Offers market-related qualifications that are relevant locally and internationally

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