5 Things employers consider when hiring staffSeptember 14, 2021From the Principal

I have been in private education for 20+ years. I have noticed many companies approaching recruitment of staff a bit differently to a few years ago. They are becoming a lot more prudent and practical when hiring staff. It is not just a matter of having to fill a vacant position. The company needs to ensure that they employ staff who is “fit for purpose”.

Here are 5 things employers may consider before saying yes to an applicant…..

1. Your CV

They will scrutinize your CV, considering factors such as spelling, grammar and accuracy. Why would you be considered a potential employee if your CV, a tool to promote you, is riddled with errors? They can rightfully assume that this will also happen in your job.

2. Communication skills

Companies are built, operated and supported by people. The ability to listen and process information is vital. Staff is required to participate in solving problems and therefore you will be expected to decipher information and translate it into solutions.

As a side note: Using text language and emoji’s should be avoided in formal communication.

3. Attitude

Today you will be judged on what you have done in the past. You need to constantly strive for personal improvement. Your attitude can positively or negatively determine the outcome of future growth, promotion and job satisfaction. Companies pay you to do a job and expect you to contribute to the sustainability of the business.

Times change, you are expected to change too. Job descriptions may lay a foundation as the core of what you are expected to do, but always do more. The days of saying “it’s not in my job description” are over and smacks of a bad attitude.

4. It’s more than just your diploma

So you graduated and your diploma is proudly displayed on the wall. This is a great achievement that must be celebrated! Employers however are starting to look beyond the qualification; they want to know your results and ability to submit projects on time. Your diploma is very important but how you achieved it is equally important.

5. Be prepared to be tested again

Your qualification serves as evidence that you have been declared competent in your chosen field of study. Be prepared to have your knowledge “tested” and applied to the workplace. This may take place in discussions during an interview or as a formal assessment or practical demonstration.

If, for example you are qualified as a graphic designer you should at any time be able to demonstrate your skills using a multitude of design software.

Learning does not stop after your final exam. Today we are expected to learn, un-learn, re-learn and continue learning as lifelong students on a journey of continuous self-improvement.

Riaan Loubser (Principal – Unigrad College)

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