FULL-TIMENational N Diploma in Farming Management12 February 2024

About this programme

A farm manager is responsible for managing the many aspects which keep a farm operating smoothly. Keeping abreast of developments in agricultural technology is necessary in order to implement best practices.

Farm managers also need to be able to market and sell the farm’s produce to a variety of intermediaries along the distribution channel and maintain a steady flow of income for the farm. This requires some marketing and business knowledge.

Certification on successful completion of studies

  • National Certificate: N4 Farming Management (SAQA ID 66829)
  • National Certificate: N5 Farming Management (SAQA ID 66914)
  • National Certificate: N6 Farming Management (SAQA ID 66993)
    (N4 – N6 are at NQF Level 5)
  • Unigrad Short Learning Programme Certificate in Computer Skills

National N Diploma: Farming Management

(SAQA ID 67030; NQF Level 6)

The diploma is awarded to students who have completed their N4, N5 & N6 national certificates and 2000 relevant practical workplace hours over a period of no less than 18 months

Admission requirements
National Senior Certificate (Grade 12). If you are currently in Grade 12 you apply with your final grade 11 results and the most up-to-date grade 12 results. Should you be accepted on the above you are still required to pass Grade 12. Students who do not meet this requirement may apply for special consideration for admission to be approved by the Unigrad advisory board.

1.5 years of lectures presented at Unigrad College, followed by an 18 month practical

Textbooks, exams, lectures and various student events are included in the tuition fee. Contact Unigrad and speak to any full-time student career consultant for course fee information.


Year 1

  • Farming Management N4 & N5
  • Plant and Animal Production N4
  • Farming Technology and Mechanisation N4
  • Computer Practice: Farming N4 & N5
  • Financial Management: Farming N4

Year 2

  • Farming Technology and Mechanisation N5 & N6
  • Farming Management N6
  • Computer Practice: Farming N6
  • Plant and Animal Production N5 & N6
  • Financial Management: Farming N5 & N6