So you finished matric…what now?November 3, 2022From the Principal

You studied for 12 years to complete your schooling.  It may feel like that’s enough, but is it?  The question many school leavers ask is, should I go back to learn more?

A quick Google search will give you many opinions, however, it is interesting to see that many share the same sentiment that education is the key to a better life.

The Education Corner states on their website that studies have shown that those who are more educated are more likely to live longer, healthier lives and are more likely to help strangers. Investing in various types of education from the time children are young ensures that they have a strong foundation and that the whole person is being developed.

UNESCO also weighs in on this by affirming that a lack of qualifications and skills not only affects economic growth, but also undermines the foundation that is needed for sustainable development. Tertiary learning helps to build skills and grow a healthy economy, which in turn benefits everyone.

Having a qualification and skills helps boost your career opportunities.

If you are considering furthering your studies, ask yourself:

  1. Will my chosen field of study help me in my career of choice
  2. Time is a valuable commodity so ask, how much time will I sacrifice on my studies?
  3. How will it impact my finances or my sponsor’s finances? Do my college / university course fees include or exclude textbooks?  Do I pay extra for exams?
  4. Do I want to study full-time, part-time or online?
  5. Are there self-employment opportunities in my chosen field of study?

At Unigrad College, we do our best to provide students with industry relevant education.  We understand that the cost of studying is an important factor for many students; for this reason textbooks and exams are included in our course fees.  We offer affordable private education in a comfortable environment.  Our lecturers are qualified professionals. Unigrad College offers a range of full-time, part-time and online study options giving you freedom of choice.

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We wish prospective students success with their studies.

Riaan Loubser – Principal, Unigrad College