Why many people choose to study a diploma instead of a degree?September 14, 2021From the Principal

It is not easy to decide on what or where you want to be in the future, especially if that future is still another 30+ years of your life. When you choose a course it is obvious that you want what is best for you.

The chances are that vocational knowledge and skills learnt while studying a diploma may help you achieve your goals effectively.

Below are a few reasons and opinions why many people prefer to register for a diploma instead of a degree:

1. Study duration

Most diplomas are two years of full-time time or 3 years of part-time studies as opposed to most degrees being 3 years of full-time or 4-6 years of part-time studies. Diplomas are often focused on specific skills and knowledge and by completing your studies sooner; you have the opportunity to enter the workforce at an earlier stage.

2. Diplomas make you job ready

There is a shortage of skilled workers. Many national diploma courses require students to do both simulated and actual work practicals. The skills gained during your studies and practicals give diploma graduates an advantage over students who only did theoretical studies, thus diplomas make you job ready.

3. Diploma studies are often more affordable

Academic institutions charges different fees for different courses but often the cost of a diploma is less given the shorter study time and various other factors.

Speaking of study fees, potential students must ensure that they are aware of what is included and excluded from college fees. Some institutions require you to purchase your own textbooks, pay extra for exams or external institution fees. On the other hand, others such a Unigrad College INCLUDE all textbooks and study material, internal and external exams and professional body fees in their course fee.

4. Many diplomas have flexible / open entry requirements

A large number of school leavers do not qualify to study a degree as the entry requirements are very rigid. Universities are very strict on the “points you need to score” to be accepted for degree studies. Many diploma courses are not as reliant on these scores as the minimum entry requirement for a National N Diploma is a pass in grade 12 or relevant N3 qualification.

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Riaan Loubser (Principal – Unigrad College)